‘Momentum’, ‘Labour’ ‘Machiavelli’ and ‘The Wooden Horse Of Troy’


We’ve all heard the story about ‘The Wooden Horse Of Troy’ and how it was used to secrete a rebellious army directly into the heart of ‘power’ where it simply emerged from it’s ‘wooden cloak’ and wreaked havock. Yes?

We now we have a similar act being played out in British Politics by another ‘rebellious army’ in the form of ‘Momentum’, supposedly a promotion machine to get the word out about the Labour Party and to get them into ‘power’ at No 10, Downing Street.

Sadly, the Tory party, who are (at the time of writing) clinging on to power via a very shoddy ‘deal’ with the DUP costing British TaxPayers £1,000,000,000.00 ‘+ Plus’ and who have acted as Bullies over the last seven years via their Austerity programme and the Privatisation of the NHS (to name just a couple of their major mistakes) have opened the gates to ‘the city-of-power’ and invited this latest manifestation of ‘The Wooden Horse Of Troy’ to enter in the hope it will save-face for them.

The Labour party has been in such disarray since losing power to the Tories in 2010 with absolutely ‘no hope’ of ever getting back ‘into power’ that they’ve allowed themselves to be swallowed up by the (supposedly) labour spin machine that is called ‘Momentum’ which has at it’s heart a very professional, expert ‘Social Media’ team which has spent an absolute ££Fortune on the latest campaign to get Labour elected (June 2017). It almost succeeded because the Tories ‘deliberately’ made such a hash of ‘their campaign’, which should have been impossible considering the ££Wealth and Spin Expertise at their disposal.

If we think that the Tories are the ‘Nasty Party’ who Bully their way around the political landscape, then wait until Labour (I mean Momentum – OOPS!) get back into power because we’ve all swallowed the ‘nasty’ medicine (Lies) as it was Sugar-Coated with ’empathy’ for the British Public who have suffered Merciless attacks from the Ruling Tories. (FACT!) And now we rightly want ‘change’ and Jeremy Corbyn (Big Wooden Horse) who comes accross as Honest! (Something really lacking in politicians these days) Ethical! and Moral! would appear to have ‘all’ the answers. With the Good and the Wonderful, including many rather vacuous celebrities deciding to back him to the hilt because they rightly feel empathy for the ‘Momentum’ Manifesto.

The ‘Smiling Assassin’ (Jeremy Corbyn) and ‘Macheavelli’ (Momentum) have joined forces here. This is like the ‘Bully’ at school who tries to join the ‘popular’ group only to find that there is an even ‘bigger Bully’ in that group who proceeds to give the ‘lesser Bully’ the hiding of it’s life. Now normally, the British Public would see right through these tactics, but SO damaging has Austerity been to the ‘British Psyche’ that we are now prepared to accept ‘anything’ that appears to be BETTER than THAT!

In this last General Election my conscience wouldn’t let me vote Tory because of their CONSTANT BULLYING and NEVER LISTENING to the British Public. I’m sure I’m not the only ‘lifetime Tory Voter’ who had those same sub-conscious ‘conflicts’ running through their mind, which is WHY the Tories almost LOST the election and have had to plunder OUR ‘Money-Tree’ to prop themselves up. But no matter HOW much we HATE what the Tories are doing to promote Poverty, Homelessness and Social Cleansing, do we really want to jump OFF of the cliff,  following the lemmings that can only see the ‘Fairy-Dust’ being sprinkled all over Social-Media at present by the ‘Momentum’ Spin-Machine??

Think About It …. But NOT For Too Long … The Cliff-edge Is Getting Closer Daily.

Thank You ………..

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