Where Is The ‘Money-Tree’?

In the UK we’re continually being ‘driven down’ by a government that is blatantly working in it’s own interest and that of it’s super-rich benefactors. It shows no empathy with the majority of society or any understanding of what their Austerity Ideaology is doing to the fabric of this once ‘Great Britain’. This is the Tory Party, often dubbed ‘The Nasty party’ and with very good reason.

At the time of writing this post we’re just entering the Brexit discussions after a General Election that showed the Tories that they actually DO NOT have a mandate to run rough-shod over the rest of the population by going for a ‘Hard Brexit’ as they like to call it. Why do they want a Hard Brexit? Because then they will be able to treat the rest of us as mere Plebs under their RULE and we’d better shut-up and be damned grateful to them when they throw us little bones to stop us from actually ripping off the hands that (supposedly) feed us, ie; The Tory Government which is rapidly transforming into the Tory Dictatorship.

Now WHY do you suppose they got a good hiding at the Election?………. Because we the Voters are sick of their lies and their ‘Austerity’ which is driving even the ‘Hard-Working Middle/Lower Class’ towards Poverty! The Pensioners towards ‘insecurity’! and the unemployed, disabled and mentally ill towards ‘Homelessness’. (Homeless Figures Have Doubled Under The Tory Rule) All with the one aim in mind; ‘Social Cleansing’. Even after the recent Grenfell Tower Disaster they actually ‘tried’ to disperse all of the survivors all over the country. They didn’t reckon on the Super-Backlash they received though and had to back-track or face a ‘National Revolution’.

Now of course we have Tory Politicians and ‘Right-On’ Right-Wing Journalists ALL spouting the biggest LIE this country has EVER been told “There Is No Money” …. “We Have To Live Within Our Means” ….. “There Is NO Magic Money-Tree” …… Best of ALL??
“We’re ALL In This Together”.
No, that’s not a comedy sketch, it’s what we in the UK are being SOLD on a daily basis.

OK, so where ‘is’ the Money-Tree? …….. Jeremy Corbyn promised us a whole raft of social opportunities, business opportunities, all going to cost the Nation a great deal of MONEY££. The Tories, the Right-Wing Press and the ‘Right-On’ Sheeple all screamed out “FOUL”!! from the highest balconies they could find. “There IS No Money” …. “The Cupboard is Bare” ….. “Labour are Lying to You” etc, etc.

I’ve never voted Labour in my life, but my conscience simply WOULD NOT LET ME vote Tory in this last Election. Their deciet was physically visible. Every utterance made in or on the media just screamed ‘LIES’!! And even ‘after’ the Election (where they still won but with a badly damaged reputation) they continue to spout Lies, Lies and even MORE Lies thinking that ‘we’ the Sheeple/Plebs/Minions know no better. Well we DO and it’s time people opened their minds and their mouths to demonstrate that they DO know better.

OK …… so where ‘is’ the Money-Tree? ….. That question again? …. The answer follows.

You’re walking along a very long road accross a desert and you’ve got your bottle of water to keep you hydrated as it’s very hot and you’ve a long way to go. You’ve been walking for miles, taking little sips of water as you go but you can start to see your water bottle running dry, you need to replenish it somehow, but how?
You come accross an old water pump by the side of the road and your prayers are answered, you just pump away and refill your water bottle. But HEY! The pump’s not working. It will NOT pump that dang water out of the ground no matter HOW HARD you continue to pump. You stand there, scratch your head then remember …… You ‘have to’ PRIME the pump first before the water will flow. Problem is, you only have a little bit of water left in your bottle, can you afford to put ‘any’ of it into the pump to get enough water to replenish it?

You have two choices; You either prime the pump, get the water flowing, drink as much as you like and fill your bottle for the rest of your journey.
Orrrr …. you hang on to that little bit of water in your bottle and HOPE that it gets you the rest of the way. If it doesn’t, you might die.
Guess which CHOICE the Tories have made – On ‘Our’ Behalf??
YES! …. Amazingly they chose the second option.
Hang on to what we already have. Don’t prime the pump, and HOPE that somehow MAGIC happens and everything ends up Happy-Ever-After.

The economy (PUMP) that provides jobs, wealth, security and above all TAXES needs to be primed. The Tories actually KNOW this as they are ALL ££Wealthy people with sound financial heads (supposedly) but because of their overriding quest for ultimate POWER over the rest of us (The Dictatorship) they are prepared to split society apart with their ‘Them & Us’ rhetoric via the ‘Benefits’ lie that they’ve SOLD to the ‘Hard-Working’ among us and the ‘must live within our means’ LIE which they actually DO NOT practice in their private lives.

Anyone who has ever done a Business Studies Course or Degree will have been told as one of the basic pillars of business SUCCESS ……. “Never Use Your Own Money” …. “Always ‘Borrow’ Money To Finance ANY Business”. This is not made-up fiction. Read ‘any’ of the highly successful ‘classics’ on ‘business development’ or even ‘self-development’ and you’ll see that excellent advice being offered all the time.

Do you think Property Developers use their own money? There are numerous successfu Property Development courses out there and their NUMBER ONE piece of advice is; “Never Use Your Own Money” …. I could go on & on & on & on with examples of where and HOW you should always use other people’s money if you want to build a successful business but I know you’re brighter than THAT! ….. Problem IS, that the Tories think we’re ALL as ‘Thick As S**T’ and treat us accordingly.

‘Austerity’ means we continue to use up that last bit of water in the bottle, that we DO NOT prime the pump (the economy) and we stagger on aimlessly until we’re so weak and feeble that we become PREY to any country/administration that decides to use us as their play-things, or more precisely; ‘Worker Drones’ who will obey every command and ‘work-til-we-drop’ for the good of a fallen Nation.

The Alternative?? ……. We Prime That Pump, we ‘borrow’ the necessary funds to prime firstly the Building Industry, because so many other businesses ‘feed’ off of any developments no matter where they’re built. We need a RAFT of new Social Housing to house not only the Homeless, but those living in unbearable POVERTY at present thanks to the ‘Rogue Landlords’ that THIS Tory government supports. Remember; the homeless, find it almost impossible to find work. Those living in Poverty are NOT inclined to put in a good days work and are more often than not ‘clinically depressed’.
A ‘Content  Society’ is a ‘Productive Society’ so it stands to reason that you HAVE to invest in ‘The People’ first before you see this once GREAT NATION reclaim it’s rightful place on the world stage. We need people to pay Taxes, but they can’t do that on ‘Minimum Wage’ or ‘On Benefits’ so by priming the pump we actually INCREASE the amount of taxes being paid into the treasury. The Tories KNOW this, but their Ideaology gets in the way.

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Thank You ………..

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