The Crypto-Currency ‘Great Big Elephant-Trap’


Maybe we should all take a step back and look a little bit more carefully at the Crypto Currency ‘Markets’ and why they appear to be the best investment since sliced bread, facebook or cats-eyes. Maybe even deploy our common-sense B’dar before we get involved.

About 30-40 years ago there was a big craze for investing in ‘Penny-Stocks’ and numerous Newsletters appeared to give us all the very best guiding advice so that we could all make a fantastic living by investing our spare money to get remarkable returns. Things went great for a few years (for some) but there seemed to be a recurring pattern in the Penny-Share markets, and this was ‘Massive Gains Followed By Massive Crashes’, but if you happened to sell your penny-shares in time you could make your fortune, but if you were just a little bit late you took a hiding-to-nothing.

Now it was no coincidence that the Newsletter publishers seemed to do rather well while the Newsletter subscribers seemed to take a ‘good-hiding’. This was achieved by the publishers recommending ‘selling’ certain shares as the ‘oracle’ of all things ‘Penny-share’ could see problems in the near future. What actually happened was these penny-shares took a dive as everyone ‘sold’ and at the same time the publishers and insiders bought up those very cheap shares to make their fortunes when the scare-mongering turned out to be B’shit that should have been detected by the B’dar.

The very same tactics have been used every 11 years (approximately) by Property Investor Newsletters/Groups etc by predicting the Property Crashes which actually ‘do’ occur as The Faithful take heed of the Property Guru’s predictions and ‘sell’ before they lose their shirts and everything else they own. You then see all of those high-roller property investors hoover up all those cheap properties and waitng out the slump so that they can capitalise on their re-investment in the chaos that ‘they’ provoked in the first place.

It’s the same with Industry, where the Big-Boys hoover up all the smaller businesses that have to close down during ‘every’ manufactured economic downturn. The system/strategy is always the SAME and we can see exactly the same thing happening with the Crypto-Currencies where the smaller investors are losing out at the expense of the Big Investors hoovering up all of that Crypto-Currency that magically appears every time they say “CRASH!!”.

You’ll have no doubt noticed the astronomical RISE of Crypto-Currency Newsletters, FaceBook Groups, YouTube channels dedicated to Crypto Currencies. Just type any of those crypto currency terms into Google and just see the number of pages that will show up as a result and THEN apply your Common-Sense B’dar before you step into the arena. Warren Buffet (Probably the World’s wisest Investor) has recently warned in no uncertain terms about the dangers of investing in crypto currencies.

So …. What do You think?

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E-mail to John. Amazon v Christianity.

Hi Folks. This morning I received an E-mail from a trusted source advising which two Business Models ‘he’ would advise his readers to start if they were looking for online success.

The first was; ‘Local SEO services to local business’ – Good 🙂

The second was; ‘An Amazon ecommerce business’ 😦
Below is my response to that E-mail, I hope it resonates with ‘you’ too.

Hi John, in this E-mail you confirm that you are a Christian and I’m pleased to read that.
BUT then you go on to say that your readers should definitely start An Amazon ecommerce business.
You are completely contradicting yourself as Amazon is definitely the MOST Anti-Christian organisation on the planet at present.

It is responsible for closing down many of our established and loved high street vendors as well as Usurping all of those businesses that wish to stay afloat.

It’s the case that we will ‘all’ be buying directly or indirectly through Amazon in the very near future as they continue their Monopolising March through commerce ‘internationally’ along with Google, Facebook, Uber, AirBnB – to name but a few who are pulling us all into a state of absolute control of  ‘the many’ by  ‘the few’  who are collating ALL of our personal details, banking habits, credit-card no’s, Bio-identities (To make life supposedly easier for us) so that they can control us and keep us all in relative poverty.

(Now if that’s not an Anti-Christian partnership I don’t know what is).

I really do think that as an intelligent person this ‘cannot’ have passed you by.  Yet you are claiming ‘as a Christian’ that you are looking out for your subscribers. I think you need to do a lot more research on this subject if you truly are speaking from the heart with good intentions.

Amazon ‘will’ run down it’s affiliate commissions ‘even more’ so that affiliates can’t make TOO much money that way, (They may even close it down completely) and as for the ‘FBA’ programme, you will see more and more road-blocks put into place to deter people following ‘that’ route as Amazon itself take over the direct buying and selling of ALL of the ‘highly profitable’ niche`s and products (as they are already doing) leaving everyone else stranded, having possibly invested a large pot of money in what ‘appears’ to be a great Money-Magnet at present.

As you can guess, I could rant on forever on this dispicable behaviour of Amazon and it’s Co-Horts but I’ll spare you that 🙂

Just a thought ….. Be sure to leave your Comment/Opinion below and check out ‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ ……. Here!

The Dumb-Down Society We All Deserve


Whether we like it or not, we are all allowing ourselves to be ‘dumbed-down’ by accepting the ‘rewards’ given to us every time we accept another ‘Feel-Good-Cookie’.

We accepted Social-Media because it rewards our brain/mind with an endorphin-rush that is totally addictive and only able to be resisted by the very ‘strongest’ conscious minds. We are drip-fed emotions like lethargy, apathy, greed, immorality and a whole host of other degenerative mind-hacks that lead us to ‘conform’ to the will of those feeding us our daily-diet of Dumb-Down Brain-Food.

We have allowed Artificial Intelligence to be developed unrestricted because we were fed the ‘Feel-Good-Cookie’ that told us it would make our lives so much easier and therefore would lead to more ‘happiness’ because we could do less work and be able to stay at home with our families far more than we could ever imagine possible.

That ‘AI’ is now responsible for taking our livliehoods, dignity and reason for being away from us. More and more people are finding their ‘jobs’ now being done by AI machines/devices that are even now able to construct their ‘own’ repairs, development and even their own language that the original developer can no longer understand. This SHOULD worry ‘everyone’ but most of you reading this post will just say; “Those in Government will never let it happen” …. I have news for you; ‘They’ are not in control and have no control over ‘Artificial Intelligence’ ….. IT is now in control of itself and is beavering away, usurping what little Humanity we have left so that we all end up as Drones for their benefit or ‘Recyclable Waste’.

Lorry Drivers are soon to be as common as Dodo’s. Even car driving is on the way out as we ‘humans’ apparently can’t be trusted to use our own ‘common-sense’ on the roads. We are about to submit to the ‘Feel-Good-Cookie’ yet again as we’re sold the lie that Self-Drive Cars will be SAFER more EFFICIENT and of course BETTER for the ENVIRONMENT! Well …. You take ‘that’ cookie if you want, but anyone with a lick of common-sense knows deep-down in their heart that LIE is one sugarless cookie and shouldn’t even be entertained.

There is a theme running through all of the ‘Feel-Good-Cookie’ offering if you hadn’t noticed. They want you sat at home, arguing with your kids, your spouse, your family and friends because you are Soooooooo frustrated at not being able to operate as a ‘Human’ any longer. You can’t go out to work because there are no jobs any more. You can’t afford to live in that nice home you once had because debt made you homeless and you are struggling to get by in a sub-standard flat/home designated as ‘adequate’ by …… Guess! ….. That’s right – the ‘AI’ machine that runs and administers ‘everything’ for us. From how much money/credits we need to just about survive, to whether we are ‘entitled’ to have a minimum-wage JOB, to whether we are even ‘useful’ to society or we should be recycled into protein to feed ‘lucky’ ones left to serve as Drones/Worker-Humans to keep this Earth in a manageable state.

You still have a little ‘Common-Sense’ left do you? Well if you do, you know I’m only scratching the ‘itch’ here and the very near future is even FAR worse than this little blog post suggests. Take the trouble to look into Facebook, Amazon, Google/Alphabet and their Artificial Intelligence development programmes and you’ll soon see who’s bossing it around here and the future they have planned out for us.

‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ has more thoughts on the conceptHere! – (It’s Free!)

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Amazon – Saint or Sinner?

Amazon – Saint or Sinner?

Now I know we all Love Amazon, mainly for it’s fast speed of delivery, ease of ordering, and general over-all convenience.

Many now also love Amazon because it’s where you can make an extraordinarily good living ‘selling’ on Amazon, mainly through it’s  FBA  (Fulfillment By Amazon)  programme where you put new or used products up for sale, send it off, or have it delivered to Amazon and ‘they’ do everything for you, (taking their commissions after sale), plus you have to pay a small ‘storage’ fee. But all said-and-done it’s a pretty good way for the ‘average joe’ to make a part-time, or full-time income.

Enter – Mr X –  who runs probably ‘the’ most successful training programme for literally ‘anyone’ wishing to get into the ‘FBA’ machine and start churning out Money!

X launched himself with his book ‘The Da-Da-Da Machine’ which was originally about selling on eBay but many updates later and it’s shifted mainly towards the FBA programme and his Online Training Course which can be accessed via his Facebook Group ‘MyDa-Da-DaTeam’ .
Be sure to check him out if you’re considering going down that route.

Now X has a very successful Podcast which is an extremely valuable resource, again it’s free to tune in and listen to. He has an extensive back-catalogue that you can browse through at your liesure, and one thing that sings through ‘all’ of his content is that he’s a committed Christian who only wants the best for everyone, hence the training (Paid and Free!) that he puts out there almost non-stop.

Now I don’t doubt his integrity and I have no association with him or his products, but I do trust that he’s a rarity, an online marketer with integrity and morals.

Having said that, I believe ‘he’ and the rest of us have been suckered into a make-believe world where we think we can set up an online business (through Amazon) and start usurping unlimited Money by way of profits or affiliate commissions for as long as we like and everything goes on as normal, absolutely fine. And if we continue to ‘buy’ all of our produce and products through Amazon, that because of it’s speed and convenience it ‘has’ to be the best and easiest way to make our purchases both ‘now’ and for the foreseeable ‘future’.

We are already ‘paying the price’ receiving the Karma and the Consequences of  Trading With Satan.
I’m not saying that Amazon is Satan, but what I AM Saying is that the ‘Concept’ which is led by Amazon is Trading With Satan.
I could also be talking about eBay, Etsy, Ali-Baba and more, they all offer amazing ‘selling’ and ‘earning’ opportunities online where we can get ‘all’ of our purchases and make ‘all’ of our money sitting at our laptops or on our smart-phones while the WORLD loses 50% of ALL the jobs available to ‘us’ – Yes US! – Humans, with a need to actually ‘work’ to not only keep ourselves sane, but to keep ourselves healthy too.

SATAN doesn’t much like us Humans, he’d much rather we were ‘gone’ from this planet so that it could revert to his state of ‘oblivion’ – that we call ‘hell’ and he’s found the tools to do it, with willing supporters who have been fooled into thinking they are doing ‘Gods’ work.
Enter …. Amazon, Google, eBay and Co, not to mention ALL of those high-flying ‘Online Gurus’ who are usurping the Beejeesus out of the world economy every second of every day.

Mr X, bless his heart, is just ‘one’ victim here.
A well imbursed victim, true! But a victim of his own conscience for sure, and I’ve no doubt that most of his subscribers/customers/pupils are also God-Fearing folk with the Very Best intentions for the rest of us as well, but in actual fact they’re digging not only ‘their own graves’, but the graves for the rest of us too ….. And while I expose others for Dealing With Satan, ‘I’ and all of ‘you’ who are reading this blog post are ‘Also Guilty’.

We have taken the Apple that is; .. Social Media … and we’ve devoured it all, burping and ‘thanking’ the very person who gave us such a wonderful ‘Gift‘ almost every minute of every day.

Now if that’s not ‘Worship’ I don’t know what is, so no matter What Religion your Faith lies with, or even if you have NO Religion (that’s fine too) We Are ALL Guilty of worshipping SATAN and thanking him for blessing us with the very GIFTS that will destroy us ALL …. Very SOON!
Now don’t even get me started on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ AARRGGHH!!!!
(That’ll be for another post)

“Thank The Brethren for they know not what they do”.

Jobs are already being LOST world-wide at an unprecedented rate (and especially in the USA) with major stores and corporations closing down because they simply CANNOT compete with Amazon and AliBaba in particular, so while you all BUY your produce/products from Amazon, or you’re making extraordinary amounts of £$£$£$£$’s from Amazon and Co, just remember ….
Actions receive Consequences, especially actions against Humanity.

At the time of writing, Toys’R’Us are teetering on the edge of Bankrupcty with a loss of 1,000’s of jobs and with millions of children missing out on the JOY of visiting such an amazing wonderland. As a consequence, Mattel may also go under as Toys’R’Us is their MAIN client/customer. The list will get BIGGER – FASTER and ALL-Encompassing while we ALL sit back and say how ‘convenient’ shopping and earning money through Amazon & Co is …… #WakeUp people for goodness sake …. You Have An Amazing GIFT! …. It’s called ‘Common-Sense’ …. Please Use it or LOSE it 😦

‘The Human Survival Blueprint’ has more thoughts on the concept – Here! – (It’s Free!)

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The Great British Bake-Off Joins The Obesity War.

The Great British Bake-Off  has enjoyed ‘massive success’ both here in the UK and apparently Worldwide too thanks mainly to the internet. That being said, you would think that society would see through the veil of ‘Subliminal Marketing’ and ‘NLP’ to realise that it’s just another ploy to get us to ‘keep on eating’ and get more and more obese as we do.

It’s simply NO coincidence that the HUGE rise in Obesity and the equally spiralling production of  ‘foodie’ shows on our TV screens run side-by-side. We can’t turn on the telly at ‘any’ time of the day now without being pummelled with show-after-show about FOOD. That’s without the constant advertising literally shoving food down our throats during almost ‘every’ commercial break.

WHY is the food industry being allowed to get away with this constant ATTACK on our senses? Destroying our ‘health’ and often our ‘quality of life’ in exchange for the ‘gratification’ of FOOD?

Think about it; Fat people develop health issues and illnesses far easier, like diabetes, heart disease, painful joints, etc, etc.
NOW! ….. Who benefits financially from people with poor health? … YES! …. The Pharmaceutical Industry of course, the MOST powerful lobbyists on the ‘World Political Stage’ with a handle on astronomical Funds and above all POWER!

Soooo, do you think the media/press/television/film industry are at all influenced when the pharmaceutical Industry says JUMP!? …. Of course they are, and they all SHOUT! …. “How High?”

I’m choosing ‘The Great British Bake-Off’ as my example in this blog post because it has a tremendous ‘CULT’ following and ‘that’ is the danger here.
Many followers of The Great British Bake-Off will defend it to the end. They ‘will not’ have a word said against it, let alone believe it could be partly guilty of creating their ‘Obese’ lifestyle.

There might well be a Social-Media attack on this article, not because it’s WRONG! But because it goes ‘against’ the teachings of the ‘Cult’, which we all know can use ‘Neuro-Linguistic-Programming’ and ‘Subliminal Messaging’ extremely efficiently. Those who fall under the spell will not realise that they have been in effect ‘hypnotised’ and will see any objection to this cult as an attack on them ‘personally’.

Now this Blog is called ‘The Common-Sense Blog’ for a reason. YOU should be endowed with ‘Common-Sense’, most people still retain a smidgeon of it even though #SocialMedia has done it’s best to clean it out of your mind/brain/soul.
If you DO still have it and it’s fully active, please feel free to ‘share’ this post with your family, friends and associates to try and help them to #WakeUp to the damaged society we’re ALL being lured into by the TV and the Entertainment Industry in general, all for the ‘profits’ of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Just a thought ….. Be sure to leave your Comment/Opinion below


Do You Have ‘The Bdar’?


Now before we get started it’s only right that we acknowledge there are some pretty ‘gifted’ people in the world.

There are Magicians who can naturally trick our mind into believing whatever they want us to believe.

There are Hypnotists that can also control our minds with ever-increasing accuracy.

We have Masters in the Dark-Art of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming/NLP and Subliminal Messaging.

We also have Psychics who can apparently see into the future as well as contact the Dead for us.

Then we have the Paranormal Beings who can practice ‘Remote Viewing’ with extraordinary accuracy, can move physical objects using just the power of their Mind, can affect electrical/mechanical equipment/appliances with just their mind and the list goes on.

Now we also have, on a lighter note what many call their ‘GayDar’, where they apparently have this inbuilt ability to ‘tell’ if another person is ‘Gay’ or NOT! It may be a genuine natural ability, it may not. BUT! It is universally accepted these days that the phenomenon is very real and is ‘practised’ all the time.

OKAY! …. Now we get to the Meat of this Blog Post; (The ‘Bdar’)

What on Earth is THAT??” You say; Well very recently I was asked to ‘prove’ how I knew certain ‘reported facts’ in the news was simply ‘Political PR’.

I told the individual, who like most people these days assumes everything our Politicians tell us ‘MUST’ be FACT! …. That I had ‘researched’ the subject which was more than ‘he’ had done. He then went on to ask me to PROVE my research, to which I replied “Bless” …. He wasn’t best pleased, but I thought it was better than saying I’d tell him my sources if he paid My going ‘Consultancy’ Fee of £1,000- per hour.

Needless to say, the relentless questioning Stopped!

I’m not saying this to boast that ‘I’ won the argument but to demonstrate just how much flack you can get simply by deploying your ‘Bdar’ … OH! … Your Bdar??

It’s your inbuilt ‘Bull-Shit-Radar’ which you should train your mind to activate every time you read ‘anything’ in the National/International Media/Press, especially if it’s Political because ONE thing you CAN be sure of; Everything Politicians Tell The Press is without doubt ‘Bull-Shit’.

Now people, Please #WakeUp – Don’t be #Sheeple for the rest of your lives roaming aimlessly through ‘The Journey Of Life’ accepting ‘all’ you read as the #Truth!

Get your #Bdar working and KEEP it on HIGH-ALERT!! at all times.

Just a thought ….. Be sure to leave your Comment/Opinion below


The Pitfalls Of Serviced Accommodation Properties


Recently I was drawn into the world of ‘Serviced Accommodation’ by webinars, Audio-Books and CD’s all extolling the virtues of Serviced Accommodation as the ‘Saviour’ of all the ‘Buy-To-Let’ Landlords who had been properly ‘Shafted’ by our Tory Government with Income Tax Liabilities right out of the middle-ages. (At the time of writing this it’s August 2017).

On the face of it you’d think it was absolutely wonderful, a real two-fingered salute to this Tory Government who is supposed to be the defender of the Middle and Upper-class, but in reality it is trying to usurp every last penny out of the Bank Accounts of everyone BAR the Super-Rich who are undoubtedly lining the pockets of these dubious politicians who can’t seem to see beyond their ever-growing noses (Pinocchio Stylee).

Now Buy-To-Let Landlords are absolutely vital to the ever growing demand for privately rented ‘affordable’ accommodation as local authorities have given up on trying to build any more ‘social housing’ because of the massive budget cuts imposed on them by this Austerity Focused government. But since the new tax-laws have been introduced, these landlords have been jumping ship like there’s some sort of plague in the buy-to-let arena, and of course there is – it’s called ‘Bankruptcy’ and who wants anything to do with that?

So, AirB’n’B, and all the others were offering them a get-out-of-jail-free card in the form of ‘Serviced Accommodation’ which with a little bit more effort on the landlords part and some minor re-structuring, they could see their profits quadrupling each month.
So WHO wouldn’t get excited by THAT!! ??

Well, as it turns out – ALL of those poor families who have been turfed OUT of these properties at the drop of a hat and left looking for new homes to rent, that’s WHO! …. Just ONE thing there though – There ‘Are’ NONE! – They’re ALL being turned into ‘Serviced Accommodation’ units and rented out to the highest bidder.

Already, Homeless figures have DOUBLED under this Tory Government, now it looks like the latest ‘highest ever’ figures are set to DOUBLE again as councils can no longer afford to pay for emergency accommodation due to ‘rent caps’ and certainly can’t afford to rent the serviced accommodation units. So….. Where DO we go from here?

For a START! …. This thoughtless, irresponsible Tory Shambles needs to rescind those catastrophic tax-laws which have ‘forced’ those hard-working landlords to take measures they wouldn’t otherwise have taken (Although it’s probably TOO late now as they’ve got a ‘taste’ for those extremely HIGH profits from serviced accommodation units). THEN! They need to offer genuine ‘incentives’ to try and get the buy-to-let-landlords to come back to the Rental Section and offer Affordable Homes to those who are now finding themselves HOMELESS!

I’m not digging at the promoters of ‘Serviced Accommodation’ as I’m sure they’re decent folk just trying to find the best work-around solution to avoiding impending bankruptcy, (In this Country that is) But the problem is …. The very SAME problem is rearing it’s ugly head in ALL of the major towns and cities all over the world where AirB’n’B , booking.comm and all the other co-horts are offering their ‘Fast-Money’ solutions. The whole ‘Concept’ of serviced accommodation is trashing peoples lives and accelerating the ‘Social Cleansing’ agenda favoured by the ‘New World Order’.

Just a thought ….. But don’t think TOO long …. YOU could be NEXT!!

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‘Momentum’, ‘Labour’ ‘Machiavelli’ and ‘The Wooden Horse Of Troy’


We’ve all heard the story about ‘The Wooden Horse Of Troy’ and how it was used to secrete a rebellious army directly into the heart of ‘power’ where it simply emerged from it’s ‘wooden cloak’ and wreaked havock. Yes?

We now we have a similar act being played out in British Politics by another ‘rebellious army’ in the form of ‘Momentum’, supposedly a promotion machine to get the word out about the Labour Party and to get them into ‘power’ at No 10, Downing Street.

Sadly, the Tory party, who are (at the time of writing) clinging on to power via a very shoddy ‘deal’ with the DUP costing British TaxPayers £1,000,000,000.00 ‘+ Plus’ and who have acted as Bullies over the last seven years via their Austerity programme and the Privatisation of the NHS (to name just a couple of their major mistakes) have opened the gates to ‘the city-of-power’ and invited this latest manifestation of ‘The Wooden Horse Of Troy’ to enter in the hope it will save-face for them.

The Labour party has been in such disarray since losing power to the Tories in 2010 with absolutely ‘no hope’ of ever getting back ‘into power’ that they’ve allowed themselves to be swallowed up by the (supposedly) labour spin machine that is called ‘Momentum’ which has at it’s heart a very professional, expert ‘Social Media’ team which has spent an absolute ££Fortune on the latest campaign to get Labour elected (June 2017). It almost succeeded because the Tories ‘deliberately’ made such a hash of ‘their campaign’, which should have been impossible considering the ££Wealth and Spin Expertise at their disposal.

If we think that the Tories are the ‘Nasty Party’ who Bully their way around the political landscape, then wait until Labour (I mean Momentum – OOPS!) get back into power because we’ve all swallowed the ‘nasty’ medicine (Lies) as it was Sugar-Coated with ’empathy’ for the British Public who have suffered Merciless attacks from the Ruling Tories. (FACT!) And now we rightly want ‘change’ and Jeremy Corbyn (Big Wooden Horse) who comes accross as Honest! (Something really lacking in politicians these days) Ethical! and Moral! would appear to have ‘all’ the answers. With the Good and the Wonderful, including many rather vacuous celebrities deciding to back him to the hilt because they rightly feel empathy for the ‘Momentum’ Manifesto.

The ‘Smiling Assassin’ (Jeremy Corbyn) and ‘Macheavelli’ (Momentum) have joined forces here. This is like the ‘Bully’ at school who tries to join the ‘popular’ group only to find that there is an even ‘bigger Bully’ in that group who proceeds to give the ‘lesser Bully’ the hiding of it’s life. Now normally, the British Public would see right through these tactics, but SO damaging has Austerity been to the ‘British Psyche’ that we are now prepared to accept ‘anything’ that appears to be BETTER than THAT!

In this last General Election my conscience wouldn’t let me vote Tory because of their CONSTANT BULLYING and NEVER LISTENING to the British Public. I’m sure I’m not the only ‘lifetime Tory Voter’ who had those same sub-conscious ‘conflicts’ running through their mind, which is WHY the Tories almost LOST the election and have had to plunder OUR ‘Money-Tree’ to prop themselves up. But no matter HOW much we HATE what the Tories are doing to promote Poverty, Homelessness and Social Cleansing, do we really want to jump OFF of the cliff,  following the lemmings that can only see the ‘Fairy-Dust’ being sprinkled all over Social-Media at present by the ‘Momentum’ Spin-Machine??

Think About It …. But NOT For Too Long … The Cliff-edge Is Getting Closer Daily.

Thank You ………..

.………… Please Leave a comment


Where Is The ‘Money-Tree’?

In the UK we’re continually being ‘driven down’ by a government that is blatantly working in it’s own interest and that of it’s super-rich benefactors. It shows no empathy with the majority of society or any understanding of what their Austerity Ideaology is doing to the fabric of this once ‘Great Britain’. This is the Tory Party, often dubbed ‘The Nasty party’ and with very good reason.

At the time of writing this post we’re just entering the Brexit discussions after a General Election that showed the Tories that they actually DO NOT have a mandate to run rough-shod over the rest of the population by going for a ‘Hard Brexit’ as they like to call it. Why do they want a Hard Brexit? Because then they will be able to treat the rest of us as mere Plebs under their RULE and we’d better shut-up and be damned grateful to them when they throw us little bones to stop us from actually ripping off the hands that (supposedly) feed us, ie; The Tory Government which is rapidly transforming into the Tory Dictatorship.

Now WHY do you suppose they got a good hiding at the Election?………. Because we the Voters are sick of their lies and their ‘Austerity’ which is driving even the ‘Hard-Working Middle/Lower Class’ towards Poverty! The Pensioners towards ‘insecurity’! and the unemployed, disabled and mentally ill towards ‘Homelessness’. (Homeless Figures Have Doubled Under The Tory Rule) All with the one aim in mind; ‘Social Cleansing’. Even after the recent Grenfell Tower Disaster they actually ‘tried’ to disperse all of the survivors all over the country. They didn’t reckon on the Super-Backlash they received though and had to back-track or face a ‘National Revolution’.

Now of course we have Tory Politicians and ‘Right-On’ Right-Wing Journalists ALL spouting the biggest LIE this country has EVER been told “There Is No Money” …. “We Have To Live Within Our Means” ….. “There Is NO Magic Money-Tree” …… Best of ALL??
“We’re ALL In This Together”.
No, that’s not a comedy sketch, it’s what we in the UK are being SOLD on a daily basis.

OK, so where ‘is’ the Money-Tree? …….. Jeremy Corbyn promised us a whole raft of social opportunities, business opportunities, all going to cost the Nation a great deal of MONEY££. The Tories, the Right-Wing Press and the ‘Right-On’ Sheeple all screamed out “FOUL”!! from the highest balconies they could find. “There IS No Money” …. “The Cupboard is Bare” ….. “Labour are Lying to You” etc, etc.

I’ve never voted Labour in my life, but my conscience simply WOULD NOT LET ME vote Tory in this last Election. Their deciet was physically visible. Every utterance made in or on the media just screamed ‘LIES’!! And even ‘after’ the Election (where they still won but with a badly damaged reputation) they continue to spout Lies, Lies and even MORE Lies thinking that ‘we’ the Sheeple/Plebs/Minions know no better. Well we DO and it’s time people opened their minds and their mouths to demonstrate that they DO know better.

OK …… so where ‘is’ the Money-Tree? ….. That question again? …. The answer follows.

You’re walking along a very long road accross a desert and you’ve got your bottle of water to keep you hydrated as it’s very hot and you’ve a long way to go. You’ve been walking for miles, taking little sips of water as you go but you can start to see your water bottle running dry, you need to replenish it somehow, but how?
You come accross an old water pump by the side of the road and your prayers are answered, you just pump away and refill your water bottle. But HEY! The pump’s not working. It will NOT pump that dang water out of the ground no matter HOW HARD you continue to pump. You stand there, scratch your head then remember …… You ‘have to’ PRIME the pump first before the water will flow. Problem is, you only have a little bit of water left in your bottle, can you afford to put ‘any’ of it into the pump to get enough water to replenish it?

You have two choices; You either prime the pump, get the water flowing, drink as much as you like and fill your bottle for the rest of your journey.
Orrrr …. you hang on to that little bit of water in your bottle and HOPE that it gets you the rest of the way. If it doesn’t, you might die.
Guess which CHOICE the Tories have made – On ‘Our’ Behalf??
YES! …. Amazingly they chose the second option.
Hang on to what we already have. Don’t prime the pump, and HOPE that somehow MAGIC happens and everything ends up Happy-Ever-After.

The economy (PUMP) that provides jobs, wealth, security and above all TAXES needs to be primed. The Tories actually KNOW this as they are ALL ££Wealthy people with sound financial heads (supposedly) but because of their overriding quest for ultimate POWER over the rest of us (The Dictatorship) they are prepared to split society apart with their ‘Them & Us’ rhetoric via the ‘Benefits’ lie that they’ve SOLD to the ‘Hard-Working’ among us and the ‘must live within our means’ LIE which they actually DO NOT practice in their private lives.

Anyone who has ever done a Business Studies Course or Degree will have been told as one of the basic pillars of business SUCCESS ……. “Never Use Your Own Money” …. “Always ‘Borrow’ Money To Finance ANY Business”. This is not made-up fiction. Read ‘any’ of the highly successful ‘classics’ on ‘business development’ or even ‘self-development’ and you’ll see that excellent advice being offered all the time.

Do you think Property Developers use their own money? There are numerous successfu Property Development courses out there and their NUMBER ONE piece of advice is; “Never Use Your Own Money” …. I could go on & on & on & on with examples of where and HOW you should always use other people’s money if you want to build a successful business but I know you’re brighter than THAT! ….. Problem IS, that the Tories think we’re ALL as ‘Thick As S**T’ and treat us accordingly.

‘Austerity’ means we continue to use up that last bit of water in the bottle, that we DO NOT prime the pump (the economy) and we stagger on aimlessly until we’re so weak and feeble that we become PREY to any country/administration that decides to use us as their play-things, or more precisely; ‘Worker Drones’ who will obey every command and ‘work-til-we-drop’ for the good of a fallen Nation.

The Alternative?? ……. We Prime That Pump, we ‘borrow’ the necessary funds to prime firstly the Building Industry, because so many other businesses ‘feed’ off of any developments no matter where they’re built. We need a RAFT of new Social Housing to house not only the Homeless, but those living in unbearable POVERTY at present thanks to the ‘Rogue Landlords’ that THIS Tory government supports. Remember; the homeless, find it almost impossible to find work. Those living in Poverty are NOT inclined to put in a good days work and are more often than not ‘clinically depressed’.
A ‘Content  Society’ is a ‘Productive Society’ so it stands to reason that you HAVE to invest in ‘The People’ first before you see this once GREAT NATION reclaim it’s rightful place on the world stage. We need people to pay Taxes, but they can’t do that on ‘Minimum Wage’ or ‘On Benefits’ so by priming the pump we actually INCREASE the amount of taxes being paid into the treasury. The Tories KNOW this, but their Ideaology gets in the way.

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The Antidote To Austerity

OK, this Tory Ideology of Austerity has been ‘proven’ to be a complete and utter
failure, but the powers-that-be simply can’t be seen to lose face so they prop it up and
continue the rhetoric that we ‘have’ to continue ‘cutting our cloth’ to fit their ideals.

(NO! – This is NOT a Tory Condemnation Report. They just happen to be the present
instigators of a much larger Global Agenda/Ideology)

They have convinced most of the ‘working good’ in the UK that it’s mainly due to
lazy good-for-nothing individuals who sit at home all day sponging OFF of the hardworking, wage-earning majority by way of receiving Benefits that the ‘Hard-Working’ are paying for in Income Tax.

This is a LIE being propagated through the Media; Press, Social Media and TV
programmes scripted to show Benefit Claimants in the worst possible light.
It’s an age-old Machiavellian tactic used by most Politicians the World over ……
‘Divide and Rule’.

The Facts are; That there is not, and never will be, enough jobs for everyone in our
society (But many Faux-Jobs have been created through Zero-Hour-Contracts) and
that there ‘must’ be a fund readily available to those who Can’t or Don’t Want to
work for whatever reason, and it must be financed by Tax Paying individuals who
‘Love’ to go to work and who ‘enjoy’ being at work every day
(And They Are The Majority).

The fund is already in place and it’s called – The Benefit System.

People simply MUST get over the “I’m not paying for some lout to sit at home doing
nothing and earning MORE than Me” attitude that’s been implanted into their Psyche
by this absolutely Heartless, Psychopathic Tory Government.
(Though the other Political parties are certainly not innocent by-standers here)

OK, let’s assume that YOU are one of the majority that love to go to work to earn
enough, or even ‘more than enough’ money to finance the way of life you’ve become
accustomed to, and you were told that if you give up your job/career right now so that
you could sit at home all day doing nothing, or doing whatever you could ‘afford’ to
do with a much smaller sum of money each month. Would you take it? ….. NO!
Of course you wouldn’t, you benefit greatly, physically and psychologically from
the ‘act’ of working for a living.

BUT! What if next week you were told you were no longer needed in your
workplace, that your job has been replaced by an ‘Artificially Intelligent Machine’
Or, you’re Self-Employed, a Business Owner even and your work started to
dry up, or you simply couldn’t work any more through illness or other catastrophic
You would ‘have’ to swallow your pride and turn to the ‘Benefit System’ right??

Guess What!?? …. Yes! …. That’s WHY most of those on benefit claimants are
actually ‘in’ the soul-destroying situation of having to ‘Sponge Off of Society’ –
or so the Media would have you believe thanks to the Tory Government intent on
establishing a Society ruled by Austerity where ‘The Only’ people who come out the
other side happy and content are ‘The Super Rich’ … Surprise-Surprise!!

Now I’m not knocking the Rich or the Super-Rich as I know that many of them are
really ‘decent people’ with ‘hearts of gold’. They can’t help finding themselves even
better-off because of Austerity, just as Benefits-Claimants can’t help finding
themselves fighting Poverty.

Then there are those caught in the middle who are finding their money just doesn’t
BUY the same as it once did, so it ‘must’ be someone else’s fault – it ‘must’ be those
scroungers on Benefits – Mustn’t It??

It’s ALL a part of the ‘Divide and Rule’ culture that’s been imposed on us by those
who don’t look at members of the public as actual ‘living’ ‘breathing’ ‘individuals’,
they look on us as statistics on graphs that have to be moved around like a game of
chess. We’re Pawns, Rooks, Knights and Bishops to be sacrificed at will for the good
of King and Queen-Makers; (The Puppeteers and the Puppets).
We all know the real name for these ‘psychopathic entities’ but that’s for another time.

You’re thinking there must be a solution right? …… Guess what? …. There Is!

Trouble is, it’s something ‘most’ people will rail against as it goes against everything
we’ve been programmed to accept up until now and that’s ‘voluntary benefits’.
Orrr …. A ‘Benefit-Exchange’.

OK; …. I can hear you all GASP!! ….. BENEFIT EXCHANGE??

Are YOU absolutely Mad? …. NO! …. I’m very serious and here’s WHY!

Too many people are being ‘forced’ into very low-paid jobs, often on Zero-Hours
contracts that gives them absolutely NO security, where they live in ‘real fear’ of
losing those jobs or they could lose their home. (Often living in homes that are 3rd
World Standard) They work under psychological pressure every day of their lives
because the Tory Government ‘have’ to impose their ‘Austerity Ideology’ on the rest of

Mothers are having to ‘Hand Over’ responsibility of bringing up their OWN children
to complete strangers who are working to a format/curriculum SET by the
government, soon to be at just AGE TWO years old. This cannot be good for the
child, good for the mother, good for the family and actually BAD for Society.

(My generation started school at 5 years old, left at 15 years old. Most went on to
enjoy successful, happy lives with a GOOD education under our belts. Starting
education TOO SOON has NO substance and is ALL part of the hidden Agenda to
‘Divide and Rule’)

But because the financial pressures of today are SO GREAT! They have no choice
but to comply. UNLESS! ….. as a Society we demand a better way.

‘The Benefit Exchange’ is essential today more than at any time in history because;
we have ever-growing numbers of people chasing fewer and fewer actual jobs.
Youngsters being ‘forced’ to stay longer in education because there are NO jobs for
them, and no prospects for them. When they DO leave education they have to take
scraps of jobs, mainly Zero-Hours Contracts (Worthless).

Adults being ‘forced’ into those same jobs or face losing the pittance they get on
benefits that enable them, if they’re one of the lucky ones, to stay in their homes.
Shouldn’t we have a society that rewards work with a comfortable standard of living?
That supports those who ‘cannot’ or who for psychological reasons ‘will not’ work to
enjoy a stress-free life thus enabling them to return to the working environment later?

It’s not ‘Utopia’, it’s very achievable keeping the very same systems already in place,
but that just need a little tweaking to succeed. It’s very simple and it works like this.
People who ‘want’ to work and who ‘enjoy’ being able to work are of immense benefit
to the business they work for because they increase the output and quality of that
business, their profits grow accordingly and thus the economy benefits as a whole.

People who ‘Don’t Want’ to work but who are ‘forced’ to work, often with no security,
are a ‘drain’ to any business they work for, they work at half-pace, have no
commitment to their work, are seriously unhappy,they clock-watch and just sit-out
the hours until they can get back home to see their family and thus they are a ‘real’
liability to the economy as profits and contributions via the various taxes flounder
with the possibility of the business going under.

Now there are MANY good people sat at home on benefits who would give their
right-arm to be able to get back into the work-place. Then there are those at work
who literally ‘hate’ being there and would give their right-arm to be allowed to stay at
home with their children/family/pet dog – whatever, but still receive an income to be
able to get by comfortably without the fear of losing their home.

Surely it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that a ‘government system’ (NOT a
Private, Profit-Making Company) be set up to match the ‘workers’ with the ‘nonworkers’
so that they can do a ‘Benefit-Exchange’. (Much like the Social-Housing-Exchange that appears to work successfully) The Worker takes the Job of the Non-worker who can be paid NOT to be a liability to the economy.

The Worker can be rewarded with a job that gives them a feeling of ‘Self-Worth’ and
‘Satisfaction’, something that cannot be bought at any price.

Pleeeease don’t come back with the excuse that ‘The Economy Can’t Afford It’.
The Economy can’t afford NOT! To Afford It.
Jobs are diminishing with every word you read here – that’s a proven FACT of LIFE! –
Get over it and adjust to it in the most SANE way possible.
Those who WANT to work are ‘at least’ THREE times more value to Society and the Workplace as a whole, than those ‘forced’ to work against their will.

We MUST! Bite the bullet and accept NOT ALL people are able or suitable to be a part of the present work-force, but they are ALL part of a CARING Society that WE should ALL be very proud of.

It seems that our caring society is only ever apparent when ‘disaster’ strikes, like the
recent ‘Grenfell Tower Fire‘ in London where the employed, unemployed, rich, super-rich and those experiencing ‘Real Poverty’ at this time all joined forces to rally-round and help wherever they could. SURELY this proves that when push-comes-to-shove that we DO all really care about each other and that the fractures growing in society (mainly via Austerity) are government induced. That really we KNOW in our own minds that we’re being ‘played like fiddles’ for the good of a ‘Government Agenda’ that has NO legitimacy in our Society.

Now to MOST of you reading this, you’ll KNOW that it’s just plain Common-Sense
thinking. But so many have been brainwashed into thinking that the Benefit System is
inherently BAD and a DRAIN on society that common-sense will likely go flying
OUT of the window.

If YOU can see that THIS is the answer … Then Please ‘Share’ it with everyone you
know and especially your local MP no matter WHAT Political Party they represent.

SOMETHING has to be achieved along these lines.

“If You ‘Tolerate’ This – Then – Your Children ‘Will’ Be NEXT!”
(Manic Street Preachers)

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